Luisa Casella trained in Art Conservation at the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar in Portugal, specializing in Photograph and Paper Conservation  through internships at the Arquivo Fotográfico da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and at the Biblioteca Nacional de Lisboa. From 2000 to 2002 Luisa studied photography at the Ar.Co - Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual, which greatly expanded her interest in this artform.

After completing her studies in 1996, Luisa worked as a paper conservator at the Biblioteca Nacional de Lisboa and as a photograph conservator at the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar. In 1998 she joined the staff of Luis Pavão, Limitada, as a photograph conservator. For the following 8 years she worked in conservation treatment projects of large-scale photograph collections in several museums, archives and cultural institutions in Portugal, a work that entailed surveys, cleaning and rehousing of prints, database design, digitizing and database description, design and implementation of proper environmental solutions such as cold storage vaults. Luisa was also instructor in a number of workshops for photograph collection care professionals.

In 2005 Luisa was awarded a two-year Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship of the Advanced Residency Program in Photograph Conservation at George Eastman House/ Image Permanence Institute in Rochester, NY.  Her capstone project was the design and implementation of the website Notes on Photographs, an online resource on photograph characterization and conservation. In 2007 this website was awarded a 2-year National Leadership Grant for Museums from the Institute of Museum and Library Services for further development.

In 2007 Luisa was awarded the first Research Scholarship in Photograph Conservation at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The scholarship had the duration of three years during which Luisa researched the light-fading behavior of autochrome dyes under anoxic conditions. During this period Luisa continued ongoing research on cleaning of face-mounted photographs as well as taking part of the daily activities of the photograph conservation lab - treatments, environmental monitoring and condition reports, preparation of objects for exhibition.

From April to November 2011 Luisa worked as Photograph Conservator at Harry Ransom Center in the University of Texas at Austin where she had the opportunity to focus on conservation treatment of objects from large panoramas to cased objects such as ambrotypes and tintypes.

Luisa moved with her husband to Ithaca, NY where their daughter Antea was born in January 2012.

In September 2013, a Master's Degree in Conservation was conferred on her by the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar in recognition of her advanced work in the field over the previous decade.

In November 2013 she joined the staff of West Lake Conservators.

She has particular interest in advocacy for photograph preservation and community outreach; disaster planning and emergency response; environmental preservation monitoring; collection surveys; preservation of contemporary photographic materials; and conservation treatment of 19th and early 20th century photographic materials.

Luisa is a Fellow member of the American Institute for Conservation.